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Ordering process

1. Order

You can place your orders using the ordering form, that you can find on our homepage at http://www.ganteline.hu/en/order-form/ address, and you can download this document from here. Please, find below some useful information how to use this form.

1.1. Header of the order form

Please fill in each and every cells.

1.2. Content of the order form

1.3. Ordering process and use of the order form

You can place your order sending the fully completed order for to export [k] ganteline.hu e- mail address. When we process your order, our colleagues record all items in our Enterprise Resource Planning system, and generate a confirmation that they forward you by e-mail. Please, complete each and every cells of the form. Write in your full address (zip code, City, street, house no., country), since we need them to prepare shipping documents.
You can take over the goods 8 working hours following the receipt of your completed order form. Should you plan to take over your consignment on the requested date of delivery (2), we ask you to submit your orders at the same time, on the same form, so we can minimize coordination. If you submit more than one order form containing the same delivery time (2), you can take over only those goods, of which order has arrived minimum 8 working hours before the delivery time, considering that our warehouse is open
on working days until 16:30 (local time).
You can discover products easily using find function of Excel (Ctrl+F) or filters based on Article No. (9) or Product name and description (11) or any other attributes.
The „Rendelés összegzése” button (3) is code protected, please, do not use.

1.3.1. Products to be ordered upon your individual request (special orders)

We provide you the opportunity to submit requests also for those products that are not listed in our catalogue. We procure these items upon your special request, so a different process is applicable. You have to request these items in writing. E-mail inquires are accepted. Based on the requested quantity we make an offer for you indicating expected date of delivery, price and minimum quantity.
You have to confirm our offer in writing, since this is the basic condition of the commencement of procurement process and the starting date of our commitment towards you.The confirmed offer can be modified only with prior written consent of the parties.
Please be informed, that we reserve the right to modify delivery date.
We suggest, that you should offer extended delivery time for your customer, since unforeseen circumstance may arise (extreme weather or unusual shipping, transportation, customs clearance etc. conditions) and we do not reimburse any damages due to these circumstances.
We do not accept any request to buy back or exchange products that were delivered under the terms of special orders.
In column Packing (16) you can find letter “R” in some cases. It means, regularly we do not keep these products on stock, but actually we have them.
According to point 1.3.4, below these quantities are for information only, and depend on the orders received after the latest issue of the order form. Should you intend to buy any of these articles, and the actual stock level is not sufficient to fulfil your demand, you
can request products under the process described in this point.

1.3.2. Delivery method

In case of bigger consignments, we place goods on pallets. If you choose Pick up (7) delivery method, in the row “Pallet height max.” (5) you can indicate the maximum height of a pallet that you can load to the vehicle provided by you.
Should you leave this cell empty, we cannot optimize the height of the cargo, so you might face difficulties to load your truck.
Please, choose delivery method by selecting GLS courier (6) OR Pick up (7). Click on the cell with the cursor and you can select yes or no with the appearing arrow.

1.3.3. Quantities

Quantities you intend to buy, have to be indicated in Quantity ordered/ Unit (15) column.
Please, take the Unit (14) also into account, since we sell the products in these packs.
The quantity you actually order can be calculated from the Unit (14) and the Quantity ordered/Unit (15) by multiplying these quantities. E.g.  

Should any products be not available in the quantity you require and you marked yes for “Reservation of goods out of stock” cell (8), we will prepare these products for delivery after the arrival to our warehouse. These products we pack together with your next consignment or we hand over separately in accordance with the chosen delivery method,
if you request.
Products marked with * are sold in unit packing. We do not open these packs, so please take this into account when you prepare your order. Packing units are for information only, suppliers may change them. At the end of the order form you can find discontinued products and you can order them at reasonable price. You can find the quantity available in column.

1.3.4. Stock information

If a product is on stock, you can find the quantity available in the table (19). Up to 10 pcs you can find the exact quantity, above that you will find, how many articles we have at least on stock.
Should a product be temporarily unavailable you will find a planned delivery info - expected date of arrival – here.
In order to provide you up to date stock info we update order form two times daily, at 10 o’clock in the morning and at 14:30 in the afternoon, so download it from our homepage when you prepare your order. The stock information indicated here is for information only, the available stock may change depending on the orders received meanwhile.

2. Confirmation

We confirm your order in writing, indicating that we have processed it. This PDF document contains the products ordered, the requested and the confirmed quantities, the unit price and the amount payable.

Please check the confirmation and let us know if you find any discrepancy compared to your order.
Ordered products can be taken over in our warehouse 8 working hours following the receipt of your order. You can indicate your required delivery date on the form (2). Should a product be temporarily unavailable and you marked Reservation of goods (8) with “yes” on the form, or you decided so following discussion with our staff, you can find the expected date of arrival (23) on the confirmation.
These dates are for information only, since suppliers may change terms. If the delivery schedule of an article is under negotiation with the supplier, we will contact you and will coordinate the best possible solution with you.

3. Takeover of the goods

3.1. Pick-up (7)

Should you organize the delivery of goods, please send the data of the transportation (company name and plate number) to the export [k] ganteline.hu e-mail address latest on the day before shipment.
You can take over the goods on working days between 8:00 until 16:30 local time.
Please, always bring your order confirmation with you or send it with the transportation company, since only this way we can ensure to hand over each and every articles you requested even in more than one order. Order confirmation is required
• to prove the legitimate takeover of the goods
• to inform our staff which orders you would like to receive
• to check if the consignment is ready for shipment and to inform you if there is any other consignment to takeover
• to help itemized receipt of goods at our premises, so we can settle any discrepancies immediately and smoothly

3.2. Curier service (6)

Should you choose GLS courier (6) on the order form we dispatch your goods with courier service. You can find the current prices in the tale below:

Please, consult us to finalize terms and conditions.

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