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Coverguard workwear 

The Coverguard Workwear range provides users with optimal comfort at the same time as providing specific technical features for carrying out their tasks: multiple pockets, tool pockets, triple stitching for increased strength, knee pads, detachable sleeves, taped and welded seams, etc.

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Coverguard  winter workwear            

The Coverguard Seasons range lets you improve working conditions by offering clothing that is air- and water-permeable, ensuring protection against any thermal risks (cold, heat, humidity, wind, fire, metal splash, etc.).

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Coverguard professional           

Coverguard Professional is a range of limited-use clothing, ensuring that professionals remain safe from gases, liquids, sprays, solid particles when performing various at-risk activities and in at-risk environments: agriculture, food; cleaning, painting, asbestos, radioactivity; hospital, pharmacies, industrial, etc.

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Coverguard XPERT            

Our Coverguard XPERT Multirisk range provides the user with optimal protection against chemical (dust, gas, liquid), electrical and electrostatic risks, as well as thermal hazards. This range is intended for users who work in multiple high-risk environments.
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Coverguard high visibility workwear          

The Coverguard Hiviz range offers high-visibility clothing to ensure maximum safety in the dark. This clothing also provides the user with protection from the rain and cold (temperatures of -5°C with wind and humidity).

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Coverguard Footwear  

Coverguard Footwear offers a comprehensive and innovative range of shoes and boots to protect against mechanical, chemical and electrical hazards. We guarantee our users safety and comfort while offering a modern and attractive design.
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  • EuroProtection footwear
  • EuroProtection workwear  
  • Europrotection protective glasses
  • EuroProtection special clothing
  • EuroProtection welding clothing

EuroProtection Protective gloves    

Thanks to our wide range of gloves, we ensure that users are safe in their work (precision work, handling, welding, mechanical, electrical, etc.) against the risk of minor, intermediate and irreversible damage (chemical or biological, mechanical, electrical, thermal, etc.).


Lux Optical Protective glasses    

Lux-Optical offers a whole range of goggles, over-glasses and masks to protect your eyes from the projection of solids, liquids, chemicals and even radiation.

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Earline Hearing protection and helmets

With our anti-noise earmuffs and earplugs protecting you from occupational deafness and our shock-proof helmets protecting against the risk of falls, we ensure and preserve the lives of the wearer by providing the optimal head protection and hearing instruments.

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SupAir Respiratory masks  

Our Sup-Air masks ensure that users are protected from the risks of inhaling any dangerous substances that may be present in the working environment in the form of solid or liquid aerosols (dust). 

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CADO Fall Protection        

CADO is the best-known fall protection brand in Hungary.
Fall arresters harness, helmets, belts, karabiners, hooks, energy absorbers, ropes, connectors, winches, bags, glasses, gloves, clothes...

CADO Fall Protection>

TopLock Fall Protection        

Toplock provides protection for professionals working at heights with the risk of falling. We offer a number of fall arrest harnesses, positioning belts, connectors, energy absorbers, etc.

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